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Batches Brew strives to create an organic product in an eco-friendly manner.  Keggerators.com has a decent little write up on the subject. While you’re there, be sure to check out their KegWizard Beer Calculator. Perfect for figuring out how many kegs you’ll need for that next party or event. Brilliant.

In beer related news, a 21 year old Illinois man is accused of stealing beer from a store that had been recently destroyed by fire. He allegedly crossed the yellow caution tape and helped himself to a few cold ones. Freezing winter temperatures shattered many of the bottles, which police found him with. There’s only one question I have. Did he go for the craft brew or some BMC peepee water?

Check out this Beer Art at Brookstone Beer Bulletin. As a lifelong fan of the arts and stuff, I heartily endorse this product and/or event.

This has been Batches Blurbs. Until next time, happy drankin’.


December 20th, 2008 by BatchMasta™ (admin)

Pipeline Hefeweizen
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“It’s always my turn, sometimes I let other people go.” - Salba

Inspired by the epic skatepark, The Pipeline of Upland, California, this brew is a clean, refreshing wheat ale, perfect after a hot day of skateboarding or chillaxin’ at the beach. This is a good entry beer into the world “good ale” because it’s clean, crisp, and not too hoppy or bold.

This ale pours golden with a nice head and is good with a lemon, although it’s fine without because the citric acid actually ruins the head. It’s best enjoyed in a weizen glass, with the yeast poured in. The yeast is what gives it a cloudy look and spicy, fruit flavor. Pouring the yeast in the glass is best achieved by leaving a couple inches of beer in the bottom of the bottle, swirling it around to mix the yeast in, and then pouring it.

15 year old BatchMasta™

15 year old BatchMasta™

Site Map One of the greatest snake session I ever experienced was at The Pipeline.  The combi pool was gnarly as f%#k.   The square part felt like all vert.  The full pipe was crazy huge.  One of the drawbacks was the air back then?  After 20 minutes of skating your lungs would start to hurt.  Seriously, taking a deep breath would kill.  I only got to skate it a few times, but it left a huge  impression on my skating.  I feel fortunate to have experienced it this legendary park and my knees have the scars to prove it.

Salba - Wheels of Fire

Gnarly slam (Chris Miller)

Rad Pipeline sesh


December 19th, 2008 by BatchMasta™ (admin)

Ship crew fights off pirates using beer bottles.

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